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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should come?

Brennan Healing Science and all the other healing modalities I use can support you in your healing journey to greater health and well-being.

If you suffer from

  • Infertility
  • Surgery (pre or post)
  • Anxiety/ Depression
  • Pain Management
  • Relationship Issues
  • Grief
  • Goal Achievement
  • Stress Management
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Back Problems
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Terminal Illness

I can help you

What are the benefits?

  • Physical, mental and emotional support
  • Greater feeling of well-being
  • Faster recovery period
  • Wholistic approach to your life and relationships
  • Greater understanding and perception of your un-ease or dis-ease process

I am afraid of doctors, can you heal me?

Depending on your problem, I may require you to visit your doctor and conduct all the necessary medical procedures prior to coming for a session. We may discuss this in our first session together.

Healing is an inner process. Although I am trained as a “healer” in specific techniques and procedures, I believe YOU are the one who heals. Working together we will aim to activate the INNER HEALER we all have in us.

How many sessions? How often?

I generally do not like to tell you the number of session you should come unless you are in a certain medical intervention period, like chemotherapy, awating surgery, assisted reproductive technologies like IVF, etc.

Depending on your issue, you may choose to come weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
If you are undergoing medical procedures, then, we would plan the number and frequency of our sessions accordingly.

What do you do in a session?

See About The Sessions


All our sessions are strictly confidential, meaning “I do not (will not and cannot) tell anyone that you even came for a session”.

Unless, YOU AUTHORIZE me to share your issue or progress with other medical professionals you are working with or friends and relatives that are concerned for your well-being.

Do you work and communicate with doctors if needed?

Following my trainings, I am able to work with medical professionals.

If you need me to share any information regarding your well-being with your medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc, that shall be discussed in a session. And I may need you to sign a consent form authorizing me to do so.

If you need me to assist you during a medical intervention (surgery, IVF, birth process, etc) you will need to get a written consent from your medical doctor in charge of the procedure.

Brennan Healing
Science Practitioner

My encounter with Ms. Mazon dates back to 2001 when she participated in the Gestalt training program I was offering. Over the years, she continued taking the advanced training programs in Gestalt theory and methodology. I also had the opportunity to co-present two seminars with Ms. Mazon titled “The Relationship between Emotions, Cognitions and the related Energetic Continuum” and “Love”.

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