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Welcome to Sintia’s complementary medical care.

I will be glad to assist you in your healing journey.

Healing is a multi-faceted journey. Depending on your un-ease, I can work in partnership with your primary care givers (doctors, psychiatrists, psychologist, family, etc), and can help you plan your own healing journey. Each healing journey is different and unique.
If you have any dis-ease or discomfort at the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels or are not able to create what you want in your life, those are all signs of an energetic imbalance.

Following my trainings, I combine many practices such as Brennan Healing Science (hands-on or processing), Gestalt Therapy, Body-Mind Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Acmos Bioenergy work in my healing work. Body awareness, mindfulness and breathing practices constitute an important part. Developing a deep awareness of your own energy system helps you explore your habitual energy patterns.
My passion is to empower you so that you access your internal healing powers with peace and joy, and gain the health and well-being you need.

We can work together to help you follow your longing for a more loving, fulfilling and enriching life.

Brennan Healing
Science Practitioner

My encounter with Ms. Mazon dates back to 2001 when she participated in the Gestalt training program I was offering. Over the years, she continued taking the advanced training programs in Gestalt theory and methodology. I also had the opportunity to co-present two seminars with Ms. Mazon titled “The Relationship between Emotions, Cognitions and the related Energetic Continuum” and “Love”.

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