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On The Road To My heART Artworks
About Sintia Mazon and her ceramics

Abdülkadir Günyaz

Art has several identity and purpose, as we all know. It is a reflection of being, a means of enriching the human soul, of expression in all its aspects… A means to enlighten our inner world, describing the universe, assessing and expressing our truth, our beauty, to interpret our world, even a means of snatching away something from the hands of death…

The art of ceramics, -as old and unique as the creation of humankind, even with the pots and potteries first created in the artist’s imagination, not coming from nature-, is the joining of clay and water risking the heat of fire. And it is possible to express diverse meanings with it.

Just as in Sintia Mazon’s case… Sintia Mazon? Who is she? On my opinion, a phenomenon. “Ten fingers, ten skills”, as they say. You will probably find greater truths in her life story, but as far as I can tell a management engineer, a businesswoman and a young mother of three, the eldest only 9… Not enough? It would be enough for many of us. Unsatisfied with all that, she is off to study some more, dedicating herself to healing the sick. Preparing for the better and better… Teaching some of her knowledge as well…

Enough? Not enough for Sintia… And you might ask rightfully, what about ceramics? Ceramics is one her main occupations. Not a hobby for week-ends only or a few hours of her time. Never! Never and you would be mistaken to believe so. She is the type to expand the twenty-four hours. You will understand better once you see her intense efforts in the exhibition.

And now comes the birds… What about birds? Primarily, birds are the most free creatures in the universe. We might have them in cages but never tamed to perform in a circus. You might not know there are 100 billion birds living on Earth, and more than 8000 different breeds are known to exist. In Turkey, both european and asiatic, there are about 400 different kinds… You probably wonder why I am teaching you about birds. Sintia creates birds with her ceramics. But her birds are one of a kind, symbolic they are Sintia’s birds, unique to her…

Yes, finally we can talk about her ceramics… In my personal opinion, lessons from different teachers and her accumulated knowledge about the technique have little importance considering her art. In search for diverse applications, she works with terracotta, varied cooking techniques and glazing… But for her, the most important part is the birds… Symbols of freedom, they represent five different themes: Bridge, Melting, Pregnancy and Birth, Change, Turning In… So we find the footprints of transformation and transmutation, from human to bird, from bird to human. With the birds she tells a story beyond birth, about humans, about the privilege of being human maybe… She presents these similarities with symbols in birth, bridging, transformation, change, turning in: she asks us to be aware of these distinctions. Like wings that transmute to arms for a hug, and even a body…

Yes, for Sintia Mazon, her ceramics is beyond creating objects out of molds, rather a possibility to exhibit many facets of being.

Hence, I ask you to watch carefully, did I tell you about ceramics or an exemplary life story, to you to decide.


Brennan Healing
Science Practitioner

My encounter with Ms. Mazon dates back to 2001 when she participated in the Gestalt training program I was offering. Over the years, she continued taking the advanced training programs in Gestalt theory and methodology. I also had the opportunity to co-present two seminars with Ms. Mazon titled “The Relationship between Emotions, Cognitions and the related Energetic Continuum” and “Love”.

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Sintia Mazon Contact Information
Office Address: Akatlar Mah. 5. Gazeteciler Sitesi Gelincik Sok. A17/1 No:43
Levent Be?ikta?/?stanbul
Tel: 0212 212 06 63
Ofis Adres Tarifi: Akatlar Mayadrom'un ?nünden sa?a do?ru ilerleyin, daha sonra sola a?a??ya yoku?tan girin, az ilerde GULDESTE SOKAK'dan sa?a i?eri girin (Dan??man Kuafor'ün oradan). Palmiye a?a?l? g?bekten a?a??ya d?nün, caddeye inmeden, soldaki kald?r?m ta?l? sokak. (A2B sürücü kursunun oldu?u sokak). O sokaktan i?eri girin 30 mt ileride kahverengi garaj kap?l? bina.
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